Hands-on Organizing is our most popular option for getting your house and life back in order. Our team can work solo to organize your home, or we can work collaboratively so that you have input in every decision– and pick up insight and techniques. We will guide and support you through the entire process.

Given the sensitive nature of our work and the high level of trust it requires our clients to place in us, you can be assured of 100% confidentiality when working with Di is Organized.


Sessions start at $420.


The time your professional organizer spends in your home, PLUS:

  • Customized designs + organizing solutions,
  • A list of product recommendations, shopping assistance, and help you shop for them,
  • Communication with you by phone or email up to two weeks after the session,
  • Appointments arranged with other service providers,
  • Items intended for resale taken to consignment,
  • One carload of donations taken away.
What people are saying about us - Hands-on Organizing services - Home Professional Organizer - Baltimore, MD

“She brought order to the kids’ clothing chaos during the hands-on organizing session. Ever since my second child was born, I’ve felt like I couldn’t get a handle on the kids’ clothing. She changed all of that! Her knowledge of products available and itemized list of things to buy really helped maximize the time. I so appreciated her knowledge and skill to utilize the dedicated time to complete the task!”


“Di is a miracle worker! I had been struggling to get our home office set up since we moved in (three years ago) I was buying things piece by piece, and the room just wasn’t coming together. It had become a catch-all for the kids’ craft supplies and other junk. Di offered a free FaceTime consult, then sent me design options. She worked with me on finding the right pieces in my budget and did all the online shopping for me. The room went from wasted space to a peaceful and organized home office. The craft supplies are labeled and easy to find. Without the clutter, I feel so much less stressed and can finally be productive in my office. Thank you Di!”

MARGARET H. (Baltimore, MD)

“I first met Di the week I moved into my new house in Baltimore and we have worked together since then . I love the way she sees a space with a fresh perspective and the systems she implements make so much sense. They are all things I have never thought about. Having her over on the very first week at my new house made me feel I was starting this new chapter in my life in the right direction. Working with Di is Organized took the overwhelming feeling away. What a miracle!” 

CARRIE J. (Baltimore, MD)

“Di is !!! My Angel !!! I have been blessed to know Di for a few years and have had her guidance and hard work beside me, to both, get moved in and moved out of 2 different Baltimore Inner Harbor condos. There isn’t a lot of storage in most condos and Di was amazing! Made my life easier during the process and for the days/months/ years later. She has tips, tools, and tricks that make the process of decluttering and also decorating so easy and efficient, during her hands-on organizing session. I got so much done working with her each session. She was the first ‘ organizer I ever worked with, but I can’t imagine they are all this good.”