How to Start Organizing Your Home: 12 Expert Tips

“2020 has been a whirlwind of a year. Whether you live in Philadelphia, PA, or Portland, OR, you’ve suddenly found yourself spending almost all your time at home. Now you’re noticing just how messy your home has become. Because let’s face it, it’s easy to accumulate stuff over the years. But amidst the endless piles of laundry, dishes, and to-do lists, it can be nearly impossible to find the time to organize every room in your house. Luckily, we’ve gathered 12 tips from the experts on how to start organizing your home.”

Running a business around your priorities as a mom

“While I have heard many aspiring organizers say that they want to wait to start their business until their young children are in school, Di Ter Avest shares how she manages her organizing business with two little ones. With the right support system, healthy boundaries and some pre-planning, balancing your priorities may not be as hard as you think.”

Organize Yourself Healthy in 2020

Your home should encourage relaxation, not stress you out. It should be a place that you can’t wait to retreat to, instead of a place that you avoid. In fact, having an organized home is closely connected to a clear mind and a healthier lifestyle. Keep reading for some tips on getting organized in every area of your life in the new year!

How to organize your back yard for summer parties

There’s a good chance yard work is part of your plans this summer. If you’re trying to fix up your back yard to get it ready for summer parties, Di Ter Avest offers some help.

Three Tips to Organize Your Backyard for Fun All Summer

Like many families with young children, our summers seem to fly by. We have trips planned to the beach, we’re going camping and hiking, and we like to get out for a few baseball outings. However, the best part of summer is lived right in our backyards.

To make the most of the season, I like to have a few organization systems in place for entertaining, as well as enjoying our outdoor space with the kids. Here are three simple ways to organize your backyard so that you can easily locate everything you need, and enjoy every moment of free time with your family:

Get organized for the New Year

Di Ter Avest, Home Professional Organizer and owner of Di is Organized, shares her best tips to get organized for the New Year.

Google Calendar Hacks from 5 Ridiculously Productive Small Business Owners

Every business owner wants needs to do more with the time they have.

While we can’t clone you quite yet, we do have something just as genius—a master Google Calendar inspired by the top productivity hacks from five small business owners.

The Ultimate Pre-Holiday Organization Checklist

It’s almost November, which means one thing — the holiday season is right around the corner! While your to-do list might seem overwhelming, one thing is for sure, the more organized your home is, the less stressful this month will be.

My ultimate pre-holiday organization checklist breaks out everything you need to do between now and Thanksgiving to get your home ready for hosting visitors.

DIY: Montessori Inspired Playroom on a Budget

This video is about creating a DIY Montessori inspired playroom on a budget. This DIY Montessori inspired playroom cost under $150 to achieve.

So in order to create a Montessori environment, I worked with professional organizer Di is Organized. She is amazing at organizing homes and playrooms. She turned my son’s room into a Montessori playroom in an instant. She helped me purge unnecessary toys, organize and store toys so that I would no longer be overwhelmed with toys all over the house.

Interview with Di is Organized

Raise your hand if you are incredibly organized!Ok good. 
Now, raise your hand if you also have all of the time in the world to stay organized!Yep. That’s more like it. 

Either you aren’t exactly sure how to organize or you are super organized but don’t have the time to stay that way. Or you’re a freaking unicorn who is able to do a million things and still stay organized and if that’s you, your name is Di and you founded the company I’m about to discuss right now.