Closet updates for Fall

Fall is here! Putting together a fashionable look won’t be a big deal with these Tips for closet updates for Fall.

Many of Di is Organized clients schedule sessions monthly or quarterly so we can help them to stay organized. Fall is a great time to swap out the closet and purge the Summer clothes. Check all the clothes you didn’t use or don’t love anymore, etc.

8 Steps for an Easy and Organized Move

Are you planning on moving soon? Once I read a study that showed that a clean and organized house sells faster than the other ones and it also increases it values in more than 800%. I guess people like to imagine themselves living in a peaceful space. 

When clients contact me to help them with their move they share how overwhelming this process is. Sometimes, they realize they need a professional help when they are at their new place and that is a mistake since the process of decluttering would be easier if done while packing.

Back to school: Arts and Crafts Closet Organization

Closet organization – Timing couldn’t be better for me to share this small make over I did in a closet at my house and maybe inspire you to get a project like this done in time to back to school. 

If you live in Baltimore City (MD), you probably live in a rowhouse. If you live in a rowhouse, you know the struggles to make every single space of your home useful. Finding spaces and organizing them has become my “expertise” since I moved to Baltimore, haha.

When we moved to our house, about two years ago, I knew the potential of every space. Every year we tackle a couple of projects to make our spaces useful to suit our family best.

A couple of months ago it was time for me to turn a small closet in the basement {our multipurpose room} into an arts and crafts closet for the kids. 

This closet is actually where our water meter and water filter are located so this is just a space that hides all the ugly utilities from the finished basement. Anyways, to me it was a waste of space and I knew I could use it better.


This is the space before the project. My husband added some 2×4 to the frame so I could use them as shelves. 


It all started with a nice coat of white paint on the walls. What a difference it made already. Next I used some leftover vinyl flooring from another project and voila!  

This is how I transformed an ugly useless space into a craft closet! Now comes the fun part, organize it =) 

Since it is an utility closet I couldn’t build any permanent system, in case we need to get some work done in there. 

I decided to use this colorful storage cart to store most of the items. There we have: ribbons, craft supplies, learning materials, paint, paper, stickers, markers, etc. 

On top of the cart I have a bin where I put all the daily materials we use for “mommy school”, as my son calls it.   

On the side shelves we have more paint, balloons, learning material, glitter, etc. I use free containers {peanut and lunch meat packages} to organize everything. 


I put some 3M hooks on the wall to hang aprons and the white board my son practices his letters. 

This project was very easy to put together and it makes a huge difference on our routine. I hope you like it!

Kids’ Travel Kit

Even though every store you go to is in back to school supplies mode, SUMMER IS NOT OVER! And that is why I am here, still talking about summer plans and organization like this travel kit I put together for my kids.

Do you still have a long family trip planned? We do! The best part of going on vacation is all the excitement and preparation to go on vacation. Does anybody else agree with that?

Long car rides and flights aren’t much fun for kids though. They get bored, tired, cranky, etc. So, having activities and snacks handy for them are a must in order to make things easy to us parents as well.

I would like to share my “travel kit” with you all and maybe get you inspired to do the same. I get a few new things so they look forward to playing with them and I also pack some of their favorite toys.

For my preschooler boy I like to have: his activity tray, magazines, sticker books, a bingo game {we got it at dollar tree}, magnetic letters {learning while you play is always good}, some cars, portable DVD player and a couple movies.

For my toddler girl I have: magnetic books, pompoms {her favorites}, stickers, coloring book, crayons, figurines, a doll, and a notebook.

I use a basket from dollar tree to keep everything handy and in order.

One activity I like do with them after we get back from vacation is to capture their memories of the trip in a “Vacation Journal”. My son tells me what he enjoyed, I write it down and after that he draws it. It is such a cool keepsake. If you like this idea, you can download the “My 2017 Summer Vacation Memories” here.

I hope you are enjoying your Summer until the last minute!

Organizing Family History

Lets talk about Organizing Family History. Today I took the morning off of organizing for my clients and decided to learn about genealogy and what to do with all the “stuff” that one day belonged to our ancestors. Plus, I often see that people want to have their memories preserved but not always know how to do it.

Some tips from Mary Mannix, Maryland Room Manager, C. Burr Artz Public Library, Frederick County Public Libraries are: “Organize your materials now! Whether it is family papers or your own genealogy notes. It’s never too soon. Label everything and do not use rubber bands or metal paperclips.”

When organizing your historical material (letters, pictures, research, interviews, etc) make sure you have copies somewhere else other than your own house and that close family members know how you want to preserve them.

If you find yourself in a situation that you prefer to donate your collections to an institution, a good source to learn more about it is the Society of American Archivists (SAA). You could start by reading this article: A guide to donating your personal or family papers to a repository.

Look at this paper a client and I came across the other day when organizing her files. These things were taught in schools and were expected behaviors from women back in the 50’s. Can you imagine it?


I hope you found this information as interesting as I did. I always have a good time organizing family history.


Di is Organized – Youtube Channel

I would like to announce that Di is Organized is officially on youtube. This is a big step for me since English is not my birth language and I still have a lot to learn. But as human beings we always have things to learn in our lives and I just have to be brave, put myself out there and try to do things that make me happy. 

One fact about myself that you might not know is that my major is in Journalism and I have worked on TV before, while still in Brazil. 

Anyways, today I decided to do not let my fears overcome my dreams and see where this new project will take me. 

I have big plans for Di is Organized channel and I hope they come true, but for now I really would love to know your opinion. What do you think of this first video?