Agenda / Planner


The year of 2012 is practically gone and it is a great time to start planning a new whole year. It is time to write a New Year’s resolution. I’m sure that most people have the goal of getting organized in a certain area this year.

When I was teenager I used to spend a lot of time with my friends and cousins organizing and color coding our agendas/planners. We used to have such a good time doing it. This memory reminded me that is time for me to get myself a new agenda.

For the year of 2013 I got a pink, 5 1/2 x 7 1/2 inches, pink Mead agenda. I have also gotten different colors of gel pens, one for each area of our busy schedule. I will show you later how I do it.

Looking forward to start

Just few friends and family members know about the project of turning my hobby in organization into a real business. I want to start working at my new profession in 2013, probably in the end of January.
I have used this time to get myself organized with my new home office / guest room in our spare room and rejuvenating some other parts of my house. I have been reading many books about organizing and watching videos on the internet. There are a lot of good books, videos and ideas out there. Maybe one day I could start my own YouTube “Di is Organized” channel. I would love to put some of my know-how in Journalism into my new profession.  Let’s see what the future has in store for me.

NAPO Baltimore meeting

Yesterday, November 7th, I went for the first time to a NAPO meeting. It was a good experience because I had the opportunity to meet people that enjoy organizing. I talked to many people that are also starting their business and others that have been in this field for a while.

It was very nice meeting them all. I hope to join this group in the future!

* NAPO – National Association of Professional Organizers