We love giving away free tips on our blog, contributing to articles, posting on social media, and sending out biweekly newsletters. However, our community still has questions regarding their own space, and they need a more personalized solution and accountability. That is why we created the “pick my brain” home organizing session.

A “pick my brain” home organizing session is loaded with high-value information that gives you clarity and actionable steps to organize a space in your home. 

  • Do you have an organizing burning question that you need my help with ASAP?
  • Do you need help picking the right products for your needs?
  • How much are these issues and challenges costing you? 
  • How much have you invested in the wrong products that don’t really fit your space or style?
  • Have you tried everything and still can’t figure out why your home can’t stay organized? 
  • Spent a ton on books, products, and online videos and still not getting the results you want?

“Pick my brain” Home Organizing Session (30 minutes) – $45
It’s quick, easy, and super affordable!

Session Includes
  • Identify the best use for any space in your home
  • Recognize what systems you are missing to make you and your family stick to it. 
  • Offer invaluable advice from a professional perspective you haven’t thought of yet.

Does this sound awesome or what? Book your session with us right away. We only offer a few sessions a week. This service is perfect if you need to get answers to specific questions or need some overall direction. But if you think you need more help than this, why not book a Virtual DIY Organizing Session or Hands-on Services?

How it works
  1. Book a date and time that works for you in the calendar below.
  2. Once the date/payment has been confirmed, you will be sent a questionnaire and login instructions for our virtual session! To get the most out of our session, make sure you have 1-3 burning questions about organizing a space in your home. 
  3. Together, we’ll have a 30-minute private online session where you can “pick my brain” on all things home organizing and life organization. We will also provide a verbal plan and clarity on what to do first, honest and valuable feedback, and product recommendations, during your call.
  4. You leave our session with ideas and actionable steps, so you know what to do next! Plus, you will receive a recording of our session within 24 hours after we are done so that you can review it on demand.
How do I sign up? Please book your time below.

One last thing!

We know we won’t be able to fix everything in your home. But you’ll leave with specific to-dos and tools that will give you a big jump start.

(This session is NOT to be mistaken with complimentary virtual consultations or email to chat about your DIY or Hands-on services. We would never charge you for those!)