Di is Organized offers organizing workshops and lectures to:

  • Moms and Busy Women to inspire and motivate them to have an organized life. We share real-life, personal and attainable suggestions that are tried and true recommendations for busy families. Let’s address some ideas for playrooms, closets, kitchens, and more.
  • Brands to showcase how to get the home and life organized by using great products from their brand.
  • Meal Planning
  • Paper Management
  • Stress-free Holidays
  • Work/Life Balance
  • And more!
    *We can also create and design home organizing workshops for your special event.
Organizing Workshops offered by Di is Organized - Home Professional Organizer - Baltimore, MD - West Elm Baltimore

“I went to the meal planning workshop organized by Di and she gave me a ton of great ideas on how to organize my weekly meal plan, shop, meal prep and even ideas for savings. I am excited that for the first time I am being able to plan ahead my meals and decreased the number of times I go to the grocery store! Looking forward to the next workshops!”

“We asked Di to speak at a networking event and she was great. Di understands how busy lives are for families and gives real life, personal and attainable suggestions. Her recommendations are tried and true and are easy to implement. She really gets what it is like to have kids and need some organization help!” 

“Di co-presented on work/life balance for a networking group I’m part of and her tips were fantastic! I especially liked the tips she had for meal planning as a way to save time.”