Home Organizing Challenge

Welcome to the Baltimore Home Organizing Challenge!

I love an organized home and this isn’t news to many of you! I love it so much that I decided to create a facebook group to inspire other people to do the same. All this is because I truly believe that having an organized home alleviates the stress and create more opportunities for families to spend quality time together.

How will this work?

Closet updates for Fall

Fall is here! Putting together a fashionable look won’t be a big deal with these Tips for closet updates for Fall.

Many of Di is Organized clients schedule sessions monthly or quarterly so we can help them to stay organized. Fall is a great time to swap out the closet and purge the Summer clothes. Check all the clothes you didn’t use or don’t love anymore, etc.

8 Steps for an Easy and Organized Move

Are you planning on moving soon? Once I read a study that showed that a clean and organized house sells faster than the other ones and it also increases it values in more than 800%. I guess people like to imagine themselves living in a peaceful space. 

When clients contact me to help them with their move they share how overwhelming this process is. Sometimes, they realize they need a professional help when they are at their new place and that is a mistake since the process of decluttering would be easier if done while packing.