I have always liked the idea of saving the planet with small changes in our day to day lives. I know that many people still don’t believe in global warming but I am sure it is here. We need to take care of our home: Earth.

With that thought in mind, one small change we can make in our routine is to use REUSABLE BAGS when we go shopping or we need to take something somewhere. However, an issue that I used to have was to remember to take my reusable bags with me when going shopping.

My husband and I fixed this problem with a simple organizing routine in our house. We keep reusable bags in three different spots. That way we don’t forget them anymore.

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1. In my purse: a folding bag that I got at Target. It is a decent size bag, good for my small shopping trips to the pharmacy, to the Asian market, to the mall, or places that I know I will be getting small things. When folded it takes almost no space in my purse. I love it!

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2. By the front door of our house I keep a Papyrus bag my husband gave me. I use it to take correspondence, documents, magazines, or things to keep myself entertained when I go to places I will need to spend time such as doctor’s appointments, meetings, or hang out at a friend house.  This bag is a little larger and more stylish.


3. In the car: Every time we used to go to the grocery store we would forget the bags at home. After forgetting them at home many times we decided to keep them organized in the trunk of our car. Now, whenever we decide to go shopping we don’t need to worry about where they are. At the grocery store we open the trunk and grab them. When we get home, we put the groceries away, fold the bags and leave them by the door so the next time we need to use the car we take them and store them back in the trunk.

I hope you liked our system. Where do you keep your reusable bags?

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